First time on a yacht? Surely you have a lot of questions!

Sailing on a yacht is cool because:

  • your “apartment” is at your fingertips. It goes wherever we go, at any time you can grab something tasty in the yacht kitchen (the so-called. “galley”) sunbath on the bow or make a siesta in the cabin.
  • amazing “pool” in the form of the Adriatic Sea – crystal clear water, rocks, fish. Just jump in! After bathing, you take a shower with fresh water available on the yacht
  • we sail every day whenever the weather permits. Each day we are in a different place, we get to know the local customs, architecture and nature.
  • we visit hidden restaurants on the islands, accessible only from the deck of the yacht
  • we rest and relax on the yacht, sunbath and swim in the water

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

No - during each cruise you will have an experienced skipper with you who will explain to you how to navigate and move safely on the yacht. If you are willing, he can explain how to operate the yacht and teach the basics of navigation.
Not necessarily. On a yacht, you don't need a vest most of the time. Sea yachts are constructed in such a way as to be self-rightening and unsinkable, therefore at sea we stay as close to the yacht as possible. The structure of the yacht also makes it difficult to fall out - there is a system of lines called "railings". In the case of a cruise with children, we can also install an additional safety net. During stops in the coves, or whenever you don't feel safe you can always use a safety vest.
During each cruise, our professional skipper is responsible for the navigation and safety of the crew. This does not mean that the crew will not get to the wheel. Skipper willingly allows crew to participate in steering the yacht, teaches sailing and makes sure that nobody is hurt.
You wake up in the morning, walk to a nearby bakery for fresh bread and "burek". We prepare breakfast for the entire crew with a beautiful view of the old town. We start preparing for departure, do some shopping, cleaning and filling the water. 1-2 hours of sailing, then a stop in a picturesque bay for a swim. After refreshing, the rest of the route - another 2-3 hours of sailing to the destination. Visiting a new place, late dinner, beer and drinks at a nearby bar or relaxing on board. In the evening, integration, board games, reading books - whatever the crew likes 🙂
It is entirely up to you. The cruise is for you and it is up to the crew how much time they want to spend in the port and on the water. Usually it is 3-6 hours on the water. We spend the rest of the time in picturesque bays and towns. In case of bad weather we might need to stay longer in one place. This is an excellent opportunity to know the place better.
We spend most of our time on board on talks, listening to music, enjoying the scenery, coves, cliffs and the sound of the waves. There are people who enjoy sunbathe on the bow, and those who prefer to avoid the sun hide under the bimini (roof covering the deck) and read a book. This is the perfect time to relax and forget about work. When we are moored in the bay, we spend time swimming and snorkeling, observing marine life. Below deck we have a fully equipped kitchen and two bathrooms. You can always prepare something tasty to eat or have a siesta in your cabin. During our time at a port, we visit charming towns, visit restaurants and bars. The evening is also a time of integrating the crew through joint games, stories and singing. There will also be integration with other crews 🙂 At night, you have two-person cabins where you can rest before the next day full of excitement. On hot days, however, some people prefer to sleep on deck and admire the stars.
The yacht has a fully equipped kitchen (galley) and a dining room (mess) available to the crew. Most often, however, we eat outside with a view of the sea. The meals are prepared by you - the crew. We determine together who prepares what on a given day, the so-called galley watches. Of course, we can also go to a nearby restaurant (Konoba) to have some seafood.
We sail in Croatia in the region of Central Dalmatia with lots of islands and islets protecting us from the open sea, which is why the waves are smaller then, for example, in the Baltic Sea. So it is an ideal place to try your strength and find out that there is nothing to fear. The most important part is having a positive attitude and following basic rules that reduce the risk of disease and its effects.
During summer in Croatia we usually have mild wind conditions ideal for beginners and intermediate sailors. Of course on the sea it sometimes happen that we will have stronger winds. Your skipper is responsible for following the forecast and if the wind is stronger than 30 knots is obliged to stay in safe haven. During storm you will have time then to explore an island, city or simply go to a bar and have a beer.

Do you have another question? Just write us and we will answer them! Email: info@tomorrow.boats