Cruising routes

Our main cruising area for weekly cruises is central Dalmatia near Šibenik where we have our base. Following you will find a map with most visited ports and anchorages and example routes.

Sample routes

The detailed route is determined by the skipper and crew depending on the weather conditions, skills and expectations of the crew. We prefer to sail with the wind then follow a tight plan. This way we can full enjoy the silence of sailing instead of using the engine. The vast number of marinas and anchorages in the area allow us to choose the route depending on the current forecasts.

Towards the setting sun – 144 NM

  • Saturday: 0 NM – Bilice – check-in and safety briefing
  • Sunday: 25 NM – ACI Marina Piskera
  • Monday: 20 NM – Telašćica Bay
  • Tuesday: 30 NM – Dugi Otok Island and Veli Rat Marina
  • Wednesday: 33 NM – Biograd and marina Kornati
  • Thursday: 10 NM Murter
  • Friday: 26 NM – Bilice
  • Saturday morning check-out

In search of lavender

Bilice – Primosten – Maslinica (Solta) – Stari Grad (Hvar) – Milna (Brac) – Rogoznica – Bilice

Only blue

Bilice – Rogoznica – Komiza (Vis) – Palmizana – Maslinica (Solta) – Primosten – Bilice

Islands of Dalmatia

Bilice – Kaprije – ACI Marina PiskeraZatoka Telašćica – Veli Iż – Vrgada – Bilice

Our base location

This is the place we start and end our cruise. It is a lovely small town with calm marina near Krka waterfalls. You can find nearby a local restaurant, bar and a beach.

Bilice k. Šibenik (about 8km from Šibenik). Our location in Google: 

  • Embarkation: Saturday after 17:00
  • Disembarkation: Saturday at 09:00

Cruising area

Crousing routes
Crousing area

Most visited ports and anchorages:

  • Kornati National Park
  • Telašćica National Park
  • KRKA National Park (Skradin)
  • Vodice, Tribunj, Šibenik
  • Murter, Pirovac
  • Primosten, Rogoznica
  • Trogir
  • Vis, Komiza (Vis)
  • Bisevo (blue cave)
  • Solta: wreck diving, Maslinica
  • Brac: golden horn beach, bunker, Milna, Pučišća
  • Stari Grad (Hvar), Palmizana
  • Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirje, Tijat