Weekly yacht cruises in Croatia 2023 – price list

Below are the proposed dates of weekly yacht cruises in Croatia for singles or couples. More cruise dates on the whole yacht charter page. On the yacht there will be from 4 to 6 people + skipper.

Cruise date (dd/mm)Trip descriptionPrice per personBooking
06/05 – 13/05Training cruise in Croatia400
24/06 – 01/07Training cruise in Croatia€ 470
01/07 – 08/07Tourist yacht cruise in Croatia€ 500
26/08 – 02/09Tourist yacht cruise in Croatia€ 400Book now
2 places left
23/09 – 30/09Sail & Wingfoil camp
* 10 hours of wingfoil classes with equipment included in the price of camp
€ 800 / personBook now
1 place left
Weekly yacht cruises in Croatia 2023 – prices

* – on the cruise “Sail and yoga” the price includes daily yoga classes with an instructor


Do you want to book a date? Do you have any doubts? Write or call us!

Phone: +48 888 213 914, email: info@tomorrow.boats

Included in the price

  • 1 place in a double cabin
  • bedding
  • care of a skipper
  • use of a pontoon with an engine
  • stop in the marina of embarkation / disembarkation – Bilice
  • VAT tax
  • basic training in safety and operation of the yacht

Additional fees

  • Boat money – about 200 euros per person (assuming 5 crew members)
  • Refundable deposit 100 euros / person


Covered by customer:

  • Getting to/from Croatia / Bilice
  • Travel insurance
  • Restaurants and access to additional attractions

Boat money

about 200 euros per person (assuming at least 5 crew members)

From the cruise ticket office, the crew covers all costs related to the maintenance of the yacht and crew during the cruise. Including:

  • so-called transit log (cleaning, laundry, gas for cooking) – 150 euro / yacht / week 
  • fuel for the yacht – between 50 and 100 euro / yacht / week
  • Unlimited Internet (WiFi) – 12 euro / yacht / week
  • fees for marinas and national parks – about 400 – 500 euro / yacht / week
  • food and non-alcoholic drinks on the yacht – between 300 and 600 euro / yacht / week
  • tourist tax – 10 Euro / person / week

The boat money belongs to the crew. It is collected at the beginning of the cruise and settled at the end of the cruise. The rest is returned to the crew.

The skipper does not participate in the boat money – he is dependent on the crew.

PLEASE NOTE! The boat money does not include the purchase of alcoholic beverages. With the consent of the entire crew, however, you can expand the scope of the boat money.


100 euros per person or 500 PLN (assuming 4-5 crew members) payable when embarking the yacht.

The deposit is collected by the skipper at the beginning of the cruise and returned in full on the day of disembarkation if the shipowner does not make any deductions (no damages done by the crew).

Alcohol on the cruise

We do not tolerate drinking alcohol and people intoxicated at sea. At the exit from the port, it is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages until safe mooring in the destination port. People behaving aggressively and/or vulgarly towards other crew members may be asked to leave the yacht early.

Transport to Croatia

Don’t know how to reach us? Write to us, we will be happy to advise you!


It is most convenient to arrive by car. We offer the possibility of leaving the car at the marina for free. Also possible to organize a parking spot on private property for some additional fee.


Split Airport is approx. 60 km. ~ 1h taxi ride

Zadar Airport is about 80 km away. ~ 1h taxi ride

The cost of travel from the airport is about 100 euros by 4-seater taxi or public transport about 20 euros / person. Write to us and we will tell you how to find us in the best way.


There are some bus connections from Germany, Austria and other European cities to Croatia including Šibenik, which is about 8 km away. Check flixbus as one example.